Capital projects delivered faster, more efficiently, and with improved return on investment.

In most industries, moving capital projects effectively, fast, and with reduced costs can become a competitive advantage.

Are you a leader who finds:

  • The market leader is moving faster or at lower cost on capital projects.
  • Capital projects are becoming more complex, and the additional time and costs make them increasingly unfeasible
  • In the last few years, your main advance has been to negotiate tougher contracts with suppliers.  You are asking, What can you do next?

If so, we advise that you reinvigorate your capital project design and implementation.  Shoot for something bold like completing your capital projects in 50% less time than it takes today at 30% reduced cost.

VISION offers to work with your capital project team on an early stage project to achieve the dramatic time and cost savings.  Within a month, we will tell you of the time and financial savings possible. Within 12 weeks after that, we will prove the point with projectable, measurable results.

Among its many interventions, VISION will:

  • Co-locate teams including suppliers
  • Establish shared risk and reward with suppliers
  • Setup shared management practices to reduce time wasted policing suppliers
  • Have everyone think like an engineer and a financial manager all the time
  • Use pull planning to do as much work simultaneously as possible
  • Shift roles flexibly so that whoever is capable and available fulfils the need fast

With its proprietary Commitment-based Management™ approach, VISION will maximise the effect of each of the above techniques and enable you and your suppliers to reach management decisions in at least half the current time.

Consider your place in the market if you could regularly complete capital projects in half the time and at our targeted 30% reduced cost.  We’d like to discuss that with you.

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