Exceptional Leadership

Have you fulfilled your potential as a modern leader who understands moral risk and has the ability to see what others cannot?

The world is engulfed in radical uncertainty, and business is caught in the crosshairs. As politicians struggle to address challenges such as economic upheaval, the war in Ukraine and social unrest in China, the onus is increasingly falling on business leaders to make the big decisions on climate change, cost-of-living crisis, income inequality and geopolitical shifts in labour and supply chain challenges.

Speaking at a VISION event, bestselling author and economic historian Adam Tooze demonstrated how business leaders will be required to make tough and unpopular decisions –  actions that require going “beyond rational persuasion”. That is not easy, and today’s business leaders often need and deserve support in developing the required awareness and skills.

VISION has worked with many leaders in large organisations to create Exceptional Leadership in highly challenging circumstances.

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