The World In Flux: Understanding the Global Economic Landscape.

This video captures highlights from the VISION Consulting Annual Leadership Forum titled “The World In Flux: Understanding the Global Economic Landscape.” The event features renowned economic historian, commentator, and author Adam Tooze as the main speaker.

The video begins with CEO Billy Glennon welcoming the audience and reflecting on the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adam Tooze then takes the stage and discusses the unprecedented intensity and complexity of the current global landscape. He describes the concept of a “poly-crisis,” where multiple crises intersect and create a challenging environment for businesses. Tooze offers five lessons to navigate this space, emphasizing the need to adapt to changing dynamics, anticipate challenges, and actively engage in shaping the future. The video provides valuable insights for business leaders grappling with the multifaceted issues of our time.

Read the video transcript here.