We can help you achieve your critically important goals at a speed that currently seems impossible.

It used to take the giants of the pharmaceutical world at least five years to deliver a vaccine. But when the world was struck by COVID-19, the first of these companies to deliver the vaccine to the market did it in just eight months. Vaccines from multiple companies emerged rapidly in succession, and these were achievements that impressed and astounded many.

The people who achieved this embraced techniques that we at VISION recognise and have been helping clients with for years. We call it 21st-century Mobilisation.

21st-century Mobilisation incorporates a particularly powerful skill that Aristotle called phronesis, otherwise known as practical wisdom. This form of Mobilisation revolves around simultaneous simplification, pacesetting, resolving, coaching, trust building, and mood management. And these are the areas for which a 21st-century mobiliser needs phronesis.

This Mobilisation is an extraordinarily powerful tool for any organisation wishing to deliver change at high speed. A recent VISION example came when the HSE (Ireland’s health service) asked us to establish eight COVID-19 call centres with 1,400 operators in just 10 days. We achieved that, and then we went on to lead the high-speed roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines across Ireland.

If your organisation needs to focus at speed on a huge transformational goal, one that may seem beyond reach, we can show you how to achieve it through our 10 Steps to 21st-century Mobilisation.

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