Phronesis and 21st-century mobilisation

It used to take the giants of the pharmaceutical world at least five years to deliver a vaccine. Yet when the world was struck by Covid-19, Pfizer managed to deliver a vaccine in just eight months. Meanwhile, others such as Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Astra Zeneca demonstrated similarly extraordinary feats of mobilisation.

The people who achieved this embraced techniques that we at VISION recognise and have been helping clients with for years. We call it 21st-century mobilisation, and it incorporates a particularly powerful skill that Aristotle called phronesis, otherwise known as practical wisdom.

Our latest paper, which you can download here, provides an invaluable deep dive into 21st-century mobilisation strategies. In it, we share insights that will enable your organisation to achieve what the guardians of business-as-usual will tell you is impossible.

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