PayPal Holdings, Inc.

Challenge and background:

In 2014 Louise Phelan (VP Global Operations EMEA) asked VISION to work with her and her leadership team. She wanted her leadership team to step up to a new level of leadership and be able to coach their direct reports.

VISION’s promise:

To develop a programme to move the leadership team from good to great and to design key practices to help them take responsibility for shaping the connected future for PayPal, its customers, and themselves.

What VISION did:

We worked with the EMEA Operations Leadership Team in Ireland over a ten week period. We ran workshops and delivered one-to-one coaching to introduce Commitment-based Management practices and peer to peer coaching to move them from:

  • Highly Competent Managers to High Functioning Teams
  • High levels of individual talent to Leadership Orientation
  • Task Orientation to disclosive, honest, direct assessment based engagement
  • Suboptimal direct, honest team engagement to Introduction to innovation as a way of thinking.


  • Individual Assessments & Coaching
  • Assessment Sharing and Coming to Resolution Workshops
  • Commitment-based Leadership workshops
  • New Practices to embed the new Commitment-based way of Leading

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • The Leadership team improved their operational leadership skills demonstrating more responsibility, more candour, and more care. They continue to effectively use the Commitment based Management tools and practices introduced during the programme.
  • The team is working more collaboratively and have learned to use the practices introduced to spot problems and be better managers.
  • The team were introduced to the difference between management practices and leadership practices and during the programme they very effectively applied these in tackling 3 challenges to the business.

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