What makes virtual work work?

Dr. Charles Spinosa from VISION Consulting explains the ‘first line of attack’ for ensuring your organization is not undermined by the frustrations of poorly managed virtual meetings.


Most of you know VISION as the Commitment-based Management™ (CbM) company. We help managers from the C-suite down design the network of promises that drive execution in their organizations. We help managers make clear and urgent requests and obtain genuine, complete, and personal promises. Thus, we cut enormous amounts of waste in chasing and rework.


Many of our clients have designed strong networks of promises for operational speed and flexibility. They have also become great at face-to-face conversations for making urgent, crystal-clear requests, negotiating, and receiving generous, genuine, personal promises. But virtual working causes promise decay. Especially at the C-level and next two levels down, our new and former clients are experiencing clogged-up schedules of one call or meeting after another where either they have to clarify what they have already said or wonder why they are there at all. They are back doing the chasing and rework that CbM relieved them of. Deadlines are missed and missed.


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