Making virtual work a success


As a leader, when you look at your managers, do you see that many will be able to lead better than you do? If not, do you have time for the mentoring and coaching necessary to bring them to your level? If your answer is no, then consider VISION’s leadership development work.


Covid-19 has forced organisations to operate in a new way. Managing remotely through virtual meetings is challenging. Calendars are clogged with one virtual meeting after another. Managers feel barraged with phone calls, WhatsApp messages. They must engage in repeat conversations and with their own frustration around that. They receive requests from many individuals for the same information. Without informal conversations, information does not cascade well. People are not as attentive in meetings and therefore not keeping the commitments they make. Chasing has increased. Managers complain as well about mixed messages, delays in receiving information, and overall fatigue with the meetings.

We believe we can help you do far better. The pitfalls of virtual meetings happen in many face-to-face meetings but get exacerbated in virtual meetings. It is far easier to turn off your video, go on mute, and follow a distraction. It is far easier to miss a speaker’s mood. It is far harder to fill in gaps without informal, water-cooler conversations.

Our Approach

We build on the basics of Commitment-based Management™ (CbM) to make virtual meetings efficient, effective, and more engaging. Beyond a rigorous use of CbM principles in preparation for the meeting, during the meeting, and in debriefs, we are working with people to (1) design virtual meetings with the care of a workshop with an engaging beginning, middle and end, (2) to drive efficiency by using the right communications platform for the message and assign individuals to cascade insights and information, and (3) to raise levels of engagement with a good meeting etiquette.

CbM with Heightened Rigor (“VISION-555”)

VISION has developed a checklist of five items to cover in preparation of the meeting, five items to attend to in facilitation, and five items to go through in the debrief. In each case, we focus on the identification and performance of the meeting customer, the mood of the participants, clarity around concerns, requests, and promises, ensuring negotiation and tracking of promises, and designing, facilitating, and debriefing to achieve outcomes. We act as facilitator and coach both the customer for the meeting and to prepare the participants to make the meeting a success.

Our Offer to You

VISION will introduce high functioning meetings that cascade through the organisation, which best serve the executive and management tiers and will coach and facilitate the embedding for success.

We promise that the design of these meetings will avoid the day’s congestion of one meeting after another, prevent unnecessary follow-up meetings, repeat meetings, chasing, and the fatigue that comes from having to concentrate hard in virtual meetings.

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