Making virtual collaboration competitive for the new normal


For the past 20 years, VISION has specialised in driving high levels of productivity and collaboration through conversations for action where people make clear promises to each other. We deploy Commitment-based Management™ (CbM). We have promoted co-location (teams working together in the same place) for the best promise-making and know well its many benefits for increasing productivity and esprit de corps.

Today, clients are asking how much virtual collaboration the new normal will have. That answer depends on each organisation’s management style and how well it has made virtual collaboration
work. Can you compete virtually against organisations that go back to co-location? Our goal is to give you the best approach to virtual working so that you can retain more than you
think. Our hope is that you will use the insights here to create a masterpiece of collaboration, not a new normal.

In case you missed it, here is our Webinar – MAKING VIRTUAL COLLABORATION COMPETITIVE