What is going on in the world? VISION Consulting Annual Leadership Forum London May 2022

Keynote speaker Adam Tooze at the VISION Consulting Annual Leadership Forum in London.

“Adam’s insights are ahead of his time, and they have been useful to me and my company for interpreting both what is happening and what is likely to happen in the world. His views resonate with VISION.” Billy Glennon, CEO VISION Consulting

VISION is an international consulting organisation that enables businesses to transform their operational practices, leadership, and culture for outstanding long-term benefits. One of the qualities that makes us different is that our thinking is deeply rooted in the works of great philosophers – profound wisdom that is all too often overlooked by modern-day recipe followers of the consultancy world. The value of that wisdom is demonstrated time and time again in the work that we deliver for our clients, who are often facing hugely complex challenges and difficulties.

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