Episode 5- Megaprojects and the secret sauce of improvisation

In episode five of VISION Works, our expert panel continues to challenge the assumptions that undermine megaprojects.
Listen in to discover what Dr Charles Spinosa intriguingly calls ‘The secret sauce of improvisation’, which he believes is essential to transforming megaprojects for the better.

We also explore the rare skill of listening to the people around you in such a way that you hear what everyone else is missing. And in a philosophical denouement, we discuss the need for bold adventurers to explore the vast geographies of what we don’t yet know.
As well as Charles, who is the Group Director of VISION, we’re joined by Connor Butler, Managing Principal of Relevate, and Chauncey Bell, a well-known champion of social and technological innovation.

Interviewed by business journalist Fraser Allen, this 30-minute listen will be valuable to anyone involved or interested in large capital projects.

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