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Since our beginnings in 1984, VISION has been trusted by many of the world’s leading companies to create breakthroughs and bring transformational change.  These results have been achieved by VISION bringing original and entrepreneurial thinking to significant business challenges.

Companies such as Paypal, IBM, Tesco Bank, StepStone, Cemex, General Motors, Citi, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), Warner Music and many others have worked with VISION to create new business models and attack issues in a more innovative way.

Our People

VISION is led by directors who manage strategy and operations, as well as drive the company’s commitment to create extraordinary results for our clients.  Working with us are a wide range of experienced individuals who bring their own skills and passions to our engagements with our clients, or who work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly for us.

Below you can see a small cross section of the people who work in VISION.

Billy Glennon

Group CEO

Peter Luff


Helena Ocansey

Group Finance Analyst

Charles Spinosa

Group Director

Charlene Feeney-Seale

Project Manager

Alan Howat

Group Financial Controller

Gerald Adams

Co-founder, Group Director

John Ahern

Senior Manager

Delivering Transformational Improvements

In the area of customer experience,  we profitably transform the relationship between customers and employees by designing a set of service promises that significantly raises the value of your business, developing trust and ensuring the customer’s experience exceeds their expectations. We then work with our clients, throughout their organisation, to ensure the service promise is delivered consistently and profitably through sustainable cultural and behavioural change.

Working with sales and service departments our VISION Learning Teams™ offering is a proprietary and copyrighted systematic program for transforming customers into promoters.  Implementing
our Commitment-based Management methodology™, VISION Learning Teams™ utilise proprietary group learning techniques to transform the performance of customer-facing teams.
We improve your teams’ communication skills so that they make and meet commitments to your customers that consistently deliver superior customer service. Whether the
customer facing team is service or sales focused, our clients will attest to breakthrough results within 90 days.

In the area of leadership development, we create bespoke programs of group and individual coaching and training that allow leaders to emerge more equipped to lead their organisations. Our programs drive critical self awareness and the capacity to embrace the responsibility for the future performance of both the individual and business. VISION’s Leadership practices gives them the tools they need to achieve their ambitions, spot hidden opportunities and make the transformation to delivering on the future.

For large scale programmes of work – for example, large capital projects – VISION’s methodology ensures that major projects are delivered faster, more cost efficiently and with greater longer term return on investment. To achieve this, we develop a strategic plan that identifies the key commitments and promises required from each of the project’s internal and external stakeholders. Our consultants then work with the stakeholders to publicly take ownership of these commitments and map and manage the consistent delivery of their promises. Our approach breaks the project down into bite size pieces so that each stakeholder can see and celebrate the impact of meeting their sequential promises. The result is a project that is delivered more efficiently and in a moral boosting manner.

We invest with our Clients

We are so confident about the results we can deliver we are prepared to link a portion of our fees to the value we produce. We are willing to share risks and rewards.

EU Regulatory Information
  • VISION Holdings Limited.

    Registered in Ireland
    Number: 167355.

  • Registered Office:

    EastPoint Business Park, Fairview,
    Dublin 3, Ireland.

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The VISION media centre provides the media with information about VISION and its work.

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VISION Trust is an initiative enabling VISION people to make a meaningful and significant contribution to society.

It is a response to the feelings of powerlessness faced by many communities who have not benefited from economic growth.

As it encounters new challenges, VISION Trust adapts to provide solutions to counter difficulties faced by the underprivileged and vulnerable, wherever they may be.

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At VISION we do things differently!

VISION is a multi-skilled consultancy full of people who are flexible, innovative and thrive on creating opportunities for themselves and others.

Before joining, we ask everyone to tell a story of transforming someone’s orientation to life, work, or the future.

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