Scottish Water : Get to site in half the time

Scottish Water is a statutory corporation that provides water and sewerage services across Scotland. It is accountable to the public through the Scottish Government.

Challenge and background:

As investment was ramping up Scottish Water found their overhead costs versus pound-in-the-ground were higher than the industry norm. Construction projects were taking too long. Scottish Water required a radical change to shift its performance.


VISION’s Promise:

• Very siloed, multiple handovers, too many touchpoints
• Poor coordination and weak commitments
• The same approach to all projects
• Conflicting priorities & costly rework
• Many deliverables.

What VISION did:

• 50% quicker to site
• 30% reduction in costs to Start on Site
• 15% reduction in overhead costs
• Reduce carbon emissions toward Net Zero
• Collaboration and integration with supply chain and Alliance Partners
• 5% net margin, gain position.

Outcomes and Benefits:

• More than 50%-time savings
• 30% cost savings
• Different styles of leadership were created
• Cross-functional teams working collaboratively
• Rebuilt trust between Scottish Water functions and Alliance Partners
• 5% net margin, gain position.

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