Changes to the way your sales and service channels work that pay for themselves within the year.

To increase the performance of sales teams VISION adds Commitment-based pipeline development and group financial goals to go with facilitated, peer-to-peer group coaching.  Uniquely, VISION raises sales closure rates by helping individuals to make customised, personal promises to your customers. We promise that this sales improvement programme will pay for itself well within a year of VISION leaving and that we will leave behind a rigorous continuous improvement function so that the sales will continue to climb. 

To reduce your cost to serve, VISION designs and deploys simple self-service approaches that are consistent across all channels, for example phone, IVR, app, web chat.  To achieve this end, we apply our unique Conversation for Action ™ approach to develop conversationally structured communications with your customer that are the same, regardless of channel.

Finally, we can work with both your sales and service teams, across all channels to design and deploy practical innovations that typically raises sales by 30% or more with improved margins and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty (NPS) ratings 20 percentage points.  Additionally, you will be able to use the practical innovation as a highly differentiated, hard-to-imitate, competitive advantage.

Sometimes the innovations are as simple as a new, distinctive service promise.  We use proprietary techniques that include philosophical and anthropological techniques for developing a profound understanding of hidden trade-offs your customers make when your business runs at its best.  We then use these insights to design a simple service or product that minimizes the trade-off, along with an experience for your customer with carefully selected wow points that build word of mouth.  

VISION promises that the engagement will pay for itself well within a year of VISION leaving and have a rigorous continuous improvement function.


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