Vision Trust

VISION Trust is an initiative enabling VISION people to make a meaningful and significant contribution to society.

It is a response to the feelings of powerlessness faced by many communities who have not benefited from economic growth.
As it encounters new challenges, VISION Trust adapts to provide solutions to counter difficulties faced by the underprivileged
and vulnerable, wherever they may be. Orphaned children in Zimbabwe, abandoned and disabled children in Jamaica and
Nicaragua and the homeless in Ireland – regardless of the cause, if there is a need and VISION can identify that its intervention
will bring about real change – then VISION Trust will respond.

VISION Trust’s core aim is to develop entrepreneurial skills in those who have lost or never had them, and build successful
businesses where none were thought possible.

Force for Change

VISION Trust sees business as a powerful force for change. Business can generate great economic prosperity, but this momentum can have a dark side. Wealth can marginalise those who do not directly benefit from its creation.

At the periphery of a materialistic society live those who are unemployed or employed in low-paying jobs because of a lack of skills. Their long-term prospects are bleak.

VISION’s interpretation of the underlying dynamic of such communities is that the ‘trading instinct’ is missing.

People have lost, or never had, the ability to identify opportunities in life and in business. They see themselves in a perpetually worsening situation and feel resigned to failing if they attempt to escape its cycle.

Reaching Out

These are the individuals VISION Trust reaches out to, people who can be supported as they rise and who can be equipped with the skills and the belief to be the best they can be.

This section of the website explores some of the projects undertaken by VISION Trust.

VISION Trust welcomes feedback and ideas on how we can make a difference.

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The Mustard Seed Communities

Founded in 1978 in the depressed community of Mona Common on the outskirts of the city of Kingston, Jamaica, Mustard Seed is a non-profit, community development organization. Mustard Seed works primarily with disadvantaged children and has expanded over the years since 1978 to work with some of the poorest children in a range of communities across Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and most recently Zimbabwe.

VISION remain in close contact with the people at Mustard Seed and meet twice yearly to review our past six months and plan the next six.

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