Leadership Development for Infusing Organisations with Values and Achieving High Performance

Leaders today have to infuse their organisations with values, set high performance goals, and drive that performance. They have to make employees love their work and design ways of working to out-perform competitors. In short, leaders need to be moral poets, visionaries, and hard-driving executors. Few up and coming managers can do that. Why do they need to be? Globalisation. Digitisation. Volatility. Rising illiberalism. Climate change. Employees demanding more ethically rewarding lives. The list goes on.

As a leader, when you look at your managers, do you see that many will be able to lead better than you have? Do you have time for all the mentoring and coaching necessary? Will they be able to get by on your character and skill set? If your answer is no, then consider VISION’s leadership development work.

VISION offers to make your managers into admired moral, visionary, and executing leaders. Generally, we can do that in six months.  We can make them into change warriors within three. We have designed our proprietary workshops and coaching to meet these goals. Some of the themes we cover are:

  • Embrace Commitment-based Management™ or managing by promises to have time to lead.
  • Taking a stand to create a new future by correcting what always goes wrong in the industry
  • Using foundational stories to build high levels of trust with colleagues, employees, and other stakeholders
  • Listening for difference between the organisation’s values and the customers’ or between the central organisation’s values and specialised units and using that understanding to create practical innovations to build bridges
  • Share incisive assessments with radical transparency
  • Seek truth by uncovering something significant and new about the organisation every two weeks and then tell truth to power

Because we have drawn on the best of 20th and 21st century philosophy to develop our leadership development, we are certain that our offering speaks to the emerging future and that no other consultancy can complete on creating leaders who both change social values and drive performance. 

What would it be like if in the next six months, you had a cadre of value-infusing, high-performing managers who were thankful for your leadership in developing them. Ultimately, that is our offer to you, and we will put fees at risk along the way to achieve it.


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