Cultural and Operating Model Transformation to Improve Business Performance and Esprit de Corps.

Are you a company leader who sees:

    • General sluggishness in pursuing initiatives?
    • Intense busyness without increasing profits or revenue?
    • Increased failures in breakthrough initiatives?
    • Factions among upper managers?
    • Reluctance to make clear commitments on returns?
    • A sense that nothing really changes?  Fads come and go.
    • A lack of blunt truthfulness?

If so, you are likely facing a failing operating model or a culture in decline.  

VISION will diagnose the appropriateness of your culture and business model to your strategy within a month, assess the scale of improvement possible, and make recommendations for and drive the turnaround to achieve high performance and high morale.  We work in 12-week phases, and promise that you will see measurable, projectable improvements in each phase.

VISION is better at these transformations than other consultancies offering to drive change because we use Commitment-based Management™ to work at the level of interpersonal commitments and work practices.  Others work at the level of beliefs and assumptions and achieve changes about as lasting as New Year’s resolutions. We have been working in this field for 20 years and will put our fees at risk in every phase except the diagnosis.

Imagine moving from a culture where everyone looks at events as threatening or not threatening or where everyone looks at changes as recycled fads to a culture where everyone admires each other and directs energy to what is working or where everyone comes to work with a zeal for the company’s mission.  Performance on sales, revenue, cost management, and profits increases. People in the company take ownership of their patch as though they are entrepreneurs. With the support of senior management, these changes will last decades.

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