Peter Luff

Peter is the VISION Director responsible for overseeing all delivery programmes to ensure that they meet VISION’s promises to its customers. Peter also leads VISION’s largest or most ambitious transformation programs, particularly at FTSE100 companies. Peter approaches his leadership with a combination of focused operational review meetings and CbM coaching. He focuses companies on how their actions will affect customers and works with teams to find ways to make extraordinary commitments to customer that generate significant improvements in profit.

Two of Peter’s recent clients SSE and RSA have had members of their management teams speak at public events with Peter. Likewise, RSA and Southern Water have produced videos on their happiness of their work with VISION.

Some recent clients are SSE, BNP, Southern Water, and RSA. At RSA, Peter’s engagement drove a 30% increase in gross written premium, an 18% improvement in productivity, and a 3 percentage point improvement in retention while rate was increasing.

Peter speaks publicly, most recently at a Utility Week conference, and publishes commentary on his LinkedIn site. His follower numbers are growing.

Before coming to VISION, Peter ran his own consulting company, which he sold to a public company.

Peter was a Chartered Accountant and educated in New Zealand where he grew up.

At VISION, Peter’s ambition is to make us the top competitor in operational consulting in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He believes that we are showing that in the UK and Irish markets now.

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