Charlene Feeney-Seale

Charlene is currently an Engagement Manager at VISION.  She brings a broad and deep range of experience in leading large-scale transformational change programmes.  She is exceptionally strong on experience in the public sector as well as in driving change programmes through most functional areas.  She has great skills for bringing people along at all levels of the organisation, from the C-suite to agents in the field.  Though Charlene is now a practitioner of Commitment-based Management, she has used several different project methodologies in the past.

An example of Charlene’s leadership is her last change programme.  She worked on capital projects at a water utility.  Her ambition was to go through planning and prepare processes (and therefore to site) in half the time with 10% lower costs.  She co-located the utility teams and the partner teams; she trained them to offer advice unsolicited and to feel shared ownership for the project as a whole; she organised pull-planning where the co-located team planned backwards from the end point of getting to site in half the time and then finds out what work can be done in parallel, shared, or assigned to others who are free.  In this program, she worked with a range of projects, many of them well into their plan stages.  With those where her team started from the beginning, they hit the target.  The averages including the late-stage projects were lower but still impressive: a 24% on average time savings with a 9% reduction in Flood projects and a 35% reduction in time and an 8% reduction in cost in Growth projects.

Charlene promises similarly impressive results in projects she leads.

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