Billy Glennon

Billy began his consulting career with Andersen Consulting in 1980 and thereafter founded his own technology consultancy company, which merged with VISION Computing in 1988 to create the VISION Group. Billy became VISION’s CEO in 1989.

Billy went on to grow VISION by 25% a year during the 1990s, developing it from a small Irish software company to an international technology and management consulting company with the ability to reshape industries. VISION now regularly competes with Accenture, CGEY and Deloitte.

Billy, and VISION under his stewardship, is today’s leading exponent of commitment-based management principles and process design. These breakthrough principles have helped VISION clients worldwide, to strengthen existing competitive advantages, and gain new ones, quickly and effectively.

VISION has an impressive client portfolio in financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications and media domains. Clients include Nova (a division of US Bank),
Intelligent Finance, CEMEX, Hibernian, Deutsche Bank, Voith Siemens Hydro, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Esat BT.

VISION’s success at CEMEX in Mexico where it dramatically improved business efficiencies led that company’s CIO to state: “They have solved for the human processes what Taylor and Ford did for manufacturing.”

The Intelligent Finance project in Scotland saw VISION build a full service Internet bank in less than a year, which went on in the following 12 months to capture 9.2% of
the UK mortgage market.

Billy holds a degree in engineering and mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. One of his great passions in life is VISION Trust, a non-profit voluntary
organisation he founded on the belief that businesses must take responsibility for addressing the social issues in their community.

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