29th February 2020

We are launching the site this weekend and we it will be live on Monday March 2nd.

Please email or WhatsApp me if you see anything on the new site that looks strange or you don’t like.

It will take a day or so for the address of the new site to propagate throughout the whole of the Web.  We expect that on Monday and Tuesday there may be times when you will get the old site, or may get an error message depending on how you are accessing the Internet.  (For example, we noticed before that the mobile phone carriers were slower to pickup the new URL settings than land-based internet providers.)


23rd February 2020

We will be launching the new site in the first week of March.  We plan on promoting our upcoming London Event straight away on the home page.  Click here to view a PDF copy of the the layout and banner images we are considering for the home page. ~ Gerald

3rd February 2020

We are working to improve a number of areas on the new site.  Please come back regularly to see those improvements as we put draft versions live.  We will announce the updates on this page.   ~Gerald

  • Home Page Banner & Promo Text:  The one you see now is the default image with a Vision-only promo text (a message from me). Over the next week we will try out some different page banners to handle variety in the promotional messages.
  • Service Offerings:  We are re-working the service offerings.  The offerings on our existing site no longer reflect what we offer our clients.  I will come back here by the end of this week with a date for when we will have the new offerings published.
  • Case Studies:  For the new site we removed a large number of the existing case studies so as to promote only those case studies that we think are pertinent to our business development actives, now.  Over the coming weeks we will be adding new case studies, and re-publishing some of the important, older case studies as legacy case studies.
  • People Section:  We got some new photos for some of the team in Scotland, but no new photos elsewhere.  With your help, we will be be correcting that gap in February.