Link Shares Page

You can use the link below in your own web pages, for example from one of your LinkedIn blog entries.

For convenience getting to this page I made it public on the web and as a consequence it may show up in searches, which is Ok.  However I’ve left the page off the site’s navigation menu because the page is pretty much only for the personal use of Vision people, associates, and friends.

Promoting Charles’s “Trust at First Sight” article.

This link ( displays a page that lets the visitor download a PDF of the “Trust at First Sight” article, or read the entire article as a regular web page.

Because this page allows the PDF to be downloaded without the visitor entering their name and email, please use this link only on sites where you can find out who clicked on the link.

If you want a version of this page that asks for the visitor’s email before allowing a download, let me know and I’ll prepare one.