Why Is The Water Industry Unloved? Read our new paper, Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters.

Water is a precious resource that brings life to us all. Yet the water industry is under siege from shareholders, regulators, pressure groups and the public. Nobody loves water companies in the way that people love Lego or the NHS.


But there is no reason why this can’t be turned on its head. CEOs can transform the relationship between water companies and their clients. They can earn public admiration by celebrating the wonder of water. And they can change the perception of water companies as ‘profit-chasing engineering companies’ by listening to pressure groups not as ‘irritants’ but as ‘people who love water’.


Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters (a paper written by VISION’s Matthew Hancocks, with Billy Glennon, Charles Spinosa and Darren Hanniffy) demonstrates the key steps for achieving this.

As a taster, a handful of the solutions include:

  • Restoring local pride in water by promoting its provenance.
  • Creating public bathing sites.
  • Restoring marine habitats.
  • Introducing progressive pricing that rewards people for doing their bit.
  • Launching apps that show customers the water levels and purity in their area.
  • Establishing local community partnerships with water companies for the self-monitoring and policing of water system usage.
  • Embracing major projects to monitor wastewater systems, planting of reed beds, and the separation of foul and flood drainage systems.

At VISION, we look behind the obvious operational problems to identify the underlying problems and create ways to solve them. And as for the costs? Some of them will be significant, but they can be overcome.


Download the full report here, or contact Matthew Hancocks on mhancocks@vision.com to discuss any of the topics covered above in greater detail.

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