Unconditional Leadership 101

By Charles Spinosa

Two transformational CEOs we at VISION have worked with took a huge hit recently. The hit was self-inflicted and, disappointingly, came after they each had done the hard work of developing with their respective senior teams a transformational strategy that could change the competitive game of their two different industries. Following VISION’S advice, these two CEOs each spent several weeks with their teams to find what it was about their work that had originally inspired them, what they still loved doing, and what business activity would get them up in the morning to work long hours rebuilding the company. Each CEO had found a way to revive and modernize an older way of working that seemed a relic of the past but, suitably modernized, would inspire the people in the company and their customers. One of the practices would bring much greater speed to the delivery of service. The other would increase the levels of trust with customers. They knew that making these ways of doing business central again would require a huge culture change and a new ethos. But they also were clear that the change would also make their companies market leaders.


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