Does COVID-19 tear the poetry from our souls?

Dr. Charles Spinosa from VISION Consulting explores the dangers that pessimistic COVID-19 fantasies pose to business and offers three key steps for protecting and revitalising your organization.


How many times have you heard pundits and senior managers raise pessimistic questions about the ‘new normal’? Will diners return to restaurants? Will Americans get back on the freeway and Europeans head to the beach? Will workers return to their offices and gather once more around the water cooler?


It’s an outlook that suggests COVID-19 has cut the poetry from our souls. Do these pundits really think that people will abandon the restaurant culture we have enjoyed since the days of ancient Rome? Will Americans no longer be born to run? Will no one wish to spend springtime in Paris or yearn for the buzz of walking around the town that never sleeps? Will I spend the rest of my life in a room, gazing at a computer screen? The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic ‘no’.


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