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The best way to tell the story of VISION is to describe what we’ve achieved with our clients and how. Along our journey we have been fortunate to work with companies such as IBM, Cemex, General Motors, Lloyds TSB, Citi, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), RSA, Telefonica, Warner Music and many others. We pride ourselves on delivering major operational and financial benefits – fast. Here is a summary of some of our results.

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What We Do

Our Approach

VISION dedicates itself to helping its clients transform their customer propositions, strategies, operating models, organisational structure, and leadership practices.

Our Services
  • Customer Experience
  • Call Centre Excellence
  • Organisational Culture Change
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Efficient Capital Projects
Case Studies
  • Grew a UK bank’s mortgage services from under 1% to a 10% market share in 18 months.
  • Transformed a North American cement manufacturer into a global leader.
  • Helped a German engineering firm to earn the highest profit margins in their industry.
Thought Leadership

VISION dedicates itself to helping its clients transform their customer propositions, strategies, operating models, organizational structure, and leadership practices.

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Featured Case Study

SSE preparing for the TOTEX regulation from Ofgem

Ofgem’s TOTEX (total expenditure) accounting requirement is another game changer for the electricity Distribution Network Operators. TOTEX accounting, which eliminates the
distinction between capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX), is designed specifically for capital-intensive, regulated industries.

This case study outlines the organisational changes SSE have made to save up to €100million over this regulated period.

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VISION in Society

VISION Trust is an initiative enabling VISION people to make a meaningful and significant contribution to society.

It is a response to the feelings of powerlessness faced by many communities who have not benefited from economic growth.

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About Commitment-based Management

Commitment-based Management™ (CbM) is driven by the quality and fulfilment of the explicit network of commitments made between people in that organisation and their customers. Developed initially by Dr. Fernando Flores following extensive research in association with Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, VISION continues to develop CbM methods in association with leading business schools and through client engagements.

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