Events List – Internal page

For convenience getting to this page I made it public on the web and as a consequence it may show up in searches, which is Ok.  However I’ve left the page off the site’s navigation menu until we need a proper Events List page.

You can use the links below in your own web pages if you are promoting the event.

Promoting Charles’s “Introduction to Commitment-based Management” Webinar.

This link ( displays a page promoting the webinar and allowing the visitor to register.  This version of the page lets the visitor register directly through our Eventbrite page.

I expect to have an alternative version of the page that lets the visitor register directly on our site.

Promoting our 6th Leadership Forum and Dinner Event.

We had planned to hold this event on May 11.  Because of the disruption caused by the Corona virus we decided reschedule, preferably in September.

This link ( displays a page promoting the London event, and offering a download version of Charles’s article on the virtues of transformational leaders.