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Who we are, what we do

Since our beginnings in 1984, VISION has been trusted by many of the world's leading companies to create breakthroughs and bring transformational change. These results have been achieved by VISION bringing original and entrepreneurial thinking to significant business challenges.

Companies such as Paypal, Pepsi, Digicel, Ericsson, Soangroup, IBM, Cemex, General Motors, Lloyds TSB, Citi, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), RSA, Telefonica, Warner Music and many others have worked with VISION to create new business models and attack issues in a more innovative way.

Delivering transformational improvements

In the area of Customer Experience we profitably transform the relationship between customers and employees by designing a set of service promises that significantly raises the value of your business, developing trust and ensuring the customer's experience exceeds their expectations. We then work with our clients, throughout their organisation, to ensure the service promise is delivered consistently and profitably through sustainable cultural and behavioural change.

In Call Centre Excellence, our VISION Learning Teams™ offering is a proprietary and copyrighted systematic program for transforming customers into promoters. Implementing our Commitment-based Management methodology™, VISION Learning Teams™ utilise proprietary group learning techniques to transform the performance of customer-facing teams. We improve your teams' communication skills so that they make and meet commitments to your customers that consistently deliver superior customer service. Whether the customer facing team is service or sales focused, our clients will attest to breakthrough results within 90 days. 

In Leadership Transformation we develop bespoke programs of group and individual coaching and training that allow leaders to emerge more equipped to lead their organisations. Our programs drive critical self awareness and the capacity to embrace the responsibility for the future performance of both the individual and business. VISION's Leadership practices gives them the tools they need to achieve their ambitions, spot hidden opportunities and make the transformation to delivering on the future.

On Efficient Capital Projects (ECP), VISION's methodology ensures that major projects are delivered faster, more cost efficiently and with greater longer term return on investment. To achieve this we develop a strategic plan that identifies the key commitments and promises required from each of the project's internal and external stakeholders. Our consultants then work with the stakeholders to publicly take ownership of these commitments and map and manage the consistent delivery of their promises. Our approach breaks the project down into bite size pieces so that each stakeholder can see and celebrate the impact of meeting their sequential promises. The result is a project that is delivered more efficiently and in a moral boosting manner.  

We invest with our Clients

We are so confident about the results we can deliver we are prepared to link a portion of our fees to the value we produce. We are willing to share risks and rewards. 


EU Regulatory Information

Registered Office

VISION Holdings Limited. Registered in Ireland Number: 167355.

Registered Office: EastPoint Business Park, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland.

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At VISION we do things differently!

VISION is a multi-skilled consultancy full of people who are flexible, innovative and thrive on creating opportunities for themselves and others.

Before joining, we ask everyone to tell a story of transforming someone's orientation to life, work, or the future. (It does not have to have occurred at work.) If you can answer this question brilliantly, you could excel in VISION.

VISION is looking for individuals who have two or more of the following capacities:

  • Can manage relationships brilliantly through turbulent times
  • Can lead others through personal or professional change in behaviour and outlook
  • Can listen to others with a literary sensitivity that picks out hidden virtues and concerns
  • Can manage engagement promises to customers including reorienting teams to act with greater alignment or urgency, and responding quickly and wisely to early warning signs of a need to renegotiate the promise
  • Can look at a business unit as a whole and create and compare alternative models
  • Can connect personal and organisational change
  • Can write and speak persuasively
  • Can create innovative business models that generate and measure both tangible and intangible value


VISION is looking for designers, business venture modellers, diagnosticians, and coach-mobilisers. If you would like to join us please email

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Engagement Manager vacancy

Engagement Manager vacancy


VISION is a business change and consultancy firm with a unique approach.  We have a track record of producing truly breakthrough results for client companies located in three continents and operating in the utilities, financial services, telecommunications and other sectors.  VISION Consultancy is headquartered in Dublin with offices in New York, Edinburgh, London, Mexico City, and Santiago, Chile.  We specialise in five offerings:

Customer Experience

Leadership Development

Call Centre Excellence

Organisational & Process Design

Efficient Capital Projects

We use Commitment-Based ManagementTM techniques in leading complex projects and are recognised for producing exceptional results, and usually much faster than our clients expect.  We believe success in business is built on relationships that are founded on trust.  We work through clear communication and coordination of action supported by technology.


VISION Engagement Managers are responsible for managing a multi-disciplinary team to deliver the overall promise to the client to provide a competitive advantage in the customer's market place.


  • Love former experiences of transformation
  • Have taken someone (even a friend) through a transformation
  • Have platform capability
  • Remain current in business publications and read widely
  • Have good listening skills (able to hear others as different)
  • Have a proper consulting demeanour; each of our consultants should appear as a senior peer to the equivalent person in the client organization
  • Write well (thoughtful, clear, grammatically correct prose)
  • Virtues: courage, intelligence, diligence, persistence, openness, sensitivity to conflicting meanings, care for others, resilient, and exceptional vigour (to handle the consulting lifestyle)
  • Are willing to travel


VISION Engagement Managers mostly come from a consultancy or industry background, where they have managed teams to deliver projects.

VISION requires Engagement Managers who are competent at

  • Design of engagements including approach, value to be provided, resources required and financials.
  • Standard Project Management practices (planning, team resourcing, team management, issue and risk management, measurement, reporting etc.)
  • Managing key stakeholders
  • Managing big picture, by observing how delivery is going, identifying breakdowns and intervening as required
  • Assessing and grounding the value being produced
  • Leading and facilitating meetings, presentations and workshops
  • Listening for underlying and unspoken concerns, responding to them and creating listening in others
  • Interpreting and managing the mood of client and making appropriate interventions at senior and executive level

POSITION: Engagement Manager

TYPE: Permanent or contract

SALARY: On Application

If you would like to join our team please email your cover letter and CV to

Mobiliser vacancy

Contact us